shot in the dark

We Meet

You were in the area and we decided we wanted to meet. I invited you over. I’d been cleaning all morning because I wanted everything to be perfect when you arrived. I kind of lost track of the time and suddenly realized that you would be here any minute. I quickly scribble a note that reads “Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I went to slip into something sexy for you.” I tape it to the door and go to my bedroom to change.

I’m in a hurry so I forget to close the bedroom door. As soon as I open the closet I hear a noise and realize you are here, in the house, walking toward my room.I turn and realize that the door is partly open. I know that if you come to my door you would be able to see only part of the room but if you looked into the dresser mirror you would have a perfect view of the bed and me standing in front of it. I glance at the mirror and see your reflection there looking at me. I quickly turn my back to the mirror because i don’t want you to know I’ve seen you.

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Couch Sex

You are sitting alone in the living room flipping through the channels. You can’t find anything interesting so you pop in a video tape we made of us having sex. You unzip your pants and pull out your massive cock. You begin to stroke yourself and get nice and hard. I come into the room and see you and my mouth begins to water. “Need any help?” I ask, knowing you’ll say yes. I come over and kneel on the floor in front of you. “Mmmmm yummy” I say and kiss the tip while you keep stroking. I want to look you in the eyes but I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful love tool.

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Break Down!

We’d spent a fun day at the beach, walking around and talking. On the way home your car runs out of gas and we pull to the side of the road and get out. You say we’ll have to wait for someone to stop. We look around at the quiet solitude of the twighlight, the few early stars beginning to show and then look at each other. What color panties are you wearing?you ask my suggestively. I lean back against the car and very slowly raise the hem of my skirt, giving you an inch by inch view of whats underneath. First black stocking, then more black stocking, then still more stocking. You begin to wonder how high they could possibly go when you finally get a glimpse of the darker band that tops them.

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