Couch Sex

tumblr_modrn5YIZ71r82lb7o1_500You are sitting alone in the living room flipping through the channels. You can’t find anything interesting so you pop in a video tape we made of us having sex. You unzip your pants and pull out your massive cock. You begin to stroke yourself and get nice and hard. I come into the room and see you and my mouth begins to water. “Need any help?” I ask, knowing you’ll say yes. I come over and kneel on the floor in front of you. “Mmmmm yummy” I say and kiss the tip while you keep stroking. I want to look you in the eyes but I can’t take my eyes off your beautiful love tool.

I take my t-shirt off and toss it on the floor. “You look as hard as a rock” I say and I lick the tip.You move your hand low on your shaft and slowly stroke yourself as I twirl my tongue around your succulent head. I place sucking kisses everywhere your hand isn’t covering. I want to lick your long shaft but you are still stroking yourself so I place sucking kisses all over your fingers. You realize my desire so you move your hand from your shaft to my hair and pull it out of the way so you can see everything I am doing. I lick your cock from base to tip and move over a little and lick it again all the way to the top. I keep doing this until I’ve tasted every delicious inch of you. I take your head in my mouth and pull back and forth slowly working more and more of your shaft into my mouth. Then I pull all the way off and place sucking kisses at the tip of your cock again. “Mmm” I say “Your cock is so smooth” I lick and suck your head some more and then I flick my tongue back and forth on the underside of your head. I take all of you in my mouth again and slowly pump you in and out while I wiggle of the rest of my clothes. I am so excited my pussy is practically dripping with juices.

I begin to circle my fingers around my clit as I pull my head back to tease the tip of your cock with my tongue again. I reach my free hand up and caress your balls and place sucking kisses from the tip of your rock hard cock to your balls. I start licking your balls as I move my fingers from my clit to my pussy. I begin to suck on your balls and use my free hand to stroke your cock. I suck in first one of your balls and hold it in my warm wet mouth and then I draw in the other one. I release them from my mouth and lick them again. I finger myself faster and begin to lick behind your balls. I flick my tongue back and forth over your sensitive skin and move my hand to play with your balls. I’m so excited you can hear the juices as I finger myself. I move to kneel next to you on the couch and I take my fingers from my dripping pussy and begin to massage the area around your ass. I suck all of your succulent cock into my mouth and I pump my head up and down slowly. I lightly graze my teeth across the head of your cock once in awhile. I pull back and tease your head with my tongue awhile longer and then flick my tongue on you again. ” Your cock tastes so good” I say, and take all of you in again. You reach over and run your fingers across my clit and I moan. I gently place the tip of my finger in your ass and continue to deep throat your manly cock. You slip your fingers deep inside me and finger me slowly.You move your fingers inside me and drive me so crazy I can hardly concentrate on you. You are about to cum and you put your hand on my head and begin to thrust into my mouth. Your fingers work their magic and I cum hard, squeezing your fingers inside me very tightly, you can feel every contraction. You explode your hot wad down my throat and I swallow every drop.