Threesome At The Movies

threesome_at_the_moviesOne summer evening while watching some television one of my on-line boy friends stopped in for a surprise visit to say hello. We invited John in for a drink and to watch some television with us. Before my husband could start into his channel surfing I snatch up the remote and hand it to John saying “Your our guest, you get to chose!”. John finds an old ‘B’ movie he likes and we all watch and joke while pointing out the flaws. During commercials John surfs the other channels (like all men) but this time he managed to bump the DVD player into action. I could not believe my eyes. My husband had been watching a movie he made of us having sex. There I was, naked, and slowly sucking his cock. I had shared some of my nude photos with John before so it was not like he had never seen me naked. Not knowing what to say I just stare at the movie in silence with my husband sitting in his favorite chair with a huge grin on his face. After a few minutes pass I can’t help but notice the bulge forming in John’s pants. I have fantasized about riding his large cock many times and now it was right next to me on the couch.

I turn to look at my husband to find him leaning in right next to me for a kiss. Without thinking I give him a kiss but it felt awkward so I pull back to turn and see what John is doing. He looks right into my eyes and smiles. John then too leaned in for a kiss. At first I try to resist but quickly begin kissing him back. My husband sits down next to me on the couch and reaches up under my shirt. He begins to fondle my breasts while I am kissing John, slowly exploring our mouths.

John stops and looks over at my husband and then back at me. John pulls my shirt off and they both begin sucking on my nipples. I was to turned on to protest and anxiously curious to see where this was going. My husband gets up and takes off his clothes. John lays me down on the couch and removes my pants. He starts to tease my pussy through my panties. His tongue rubs the cloth against my clit. The excitement of it all is unbearable. I spread my legs wider to give him better access.

My husband straddles over my chest and slides his cock between my breasts. I stare up at him, lost in a sea of pleasure. I suck on the head of my husband’s cock while he slowly pumps my breasts. John removes my panties and starts to fingering me gently while licking and sucking on my clit. I could feel my husband tensing up. He pulls back from my mouth and unloads his hot load across my lips and chin. I look up and smile playfully while removing the last few drops from the head of his cock with my tongue.

My husband gets up and tells John that he was going to watch for a little bit. John rolls me over on to my stomach and lifts my ass into the air. I was afraid that he was going to fuck me in the ass but he just teased my clit with the tip of his cock. I was getting worked up again and blurted out for John to fuck me. He pushed himself with a long, slow thrust and begins to pump my pussy slowly. He reaches around to feel my breasts, softly pinching my nipples in a twisting motion that makes me moan.

I am usually quiet during sex but with this being my favorite fantasy I start screaming with pleasure and don’t care who hears me. I arch my back and tightly grip the couch cushions while a huge orgasm runs through my body. John pulls out and tells me he wants me to ride him so he can watch me play with my breasts. I eagerly straddled him, putting his arms over his head and slide his cock into my hot wet pussy. I tease him for awhile, pulling away and then letting him barely feel my pussy close around his head before sliding down his shaft again. He starts to groan and stares up into my eyes.

I look over at my husband and see his cock is hard again. He smiles at me while watching and stroking himself. I lean over so my clit was positioned for contact and start kissing John. When I start to come I sit upright, pumping and grinding on John, pinching my nipples and yelling fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder!

My husband walks over and asks if he could join in. I lean over start to kiss John while giving myself a slap on the ass to invite my husband. I could feel his fingers where John’s cock was sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I then realize he is lubricating my ass hole with my juices. I had never had anyone fuck me in the ass before and was scared. My husband leans in and reassures me that it would feel great. Willing to try anything once I slow down my movements. I could feel the head of my husband’s cock enter my ass. He then slowly pumps in and out, going just a bit deeper each time until he is inside me fully.

I could feel their cocks pushing against each other and gasped at how good it felt. We started moving together and every nerve in my body was humming with pleasure. I rode against them hard. The sensation is amazing and the tightness of my ass really works my husband up. In a few minutes he pulls out and comes all over my ass.

John had not come yet. He pulls me close and sits up without taking his cock out of my hot pussy. He lays me down on my back and lifts my legs up over his shoulders. He stops holding back and begins pumping my pussy like there is no tomorrow. It’s hard and fast. My breasts swaying with every stroke. He looks down at me, gazing into my eyes. I can feel another huge orgasm begin to spread across my body. I raise my butt up off the couch as the orgasm consumes me. John pulls out and unloads his hot cum all over my belly and breasts.

We all laid exhausted, watching the ending of our home made porn.