My Morning Coffee

I was in the grocery store early one morning aimlessly wandering the aisles. I was hungry but I couldn’t figure out what I was hungry for. I turned down the coffee aisle and there he stood, reading the back of some package. He had short blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes I’d ever seen. He glanced up for only a second, but it was long enough for our eyes to lock momentarily. He went back to his reading so I pushed my cart past him and mulled over a shelf of snack cakes at the end of the aisle.

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The Red Room

-Lex- You dig into the bag and pull out a 1. “Number one.” you say and “Yes I am!” announces a guy from across the room and it turns out to be Lex, the rich, preppy guy who is totally stuck on himself. Oh this should be fun, you think. He dramatically walks into the Red room completely ignoring you. You walk in after him and ask “Would you like to be alone with yourself? Because I can leave.” “Aww now don’t be like that baby!” Lex says. “Come here and give me some luvin.” You walk up to him to see what he’ll do and he drapes all over you and starts kissing your neck. He’s actually hitting all the right places and you are surprised. You imagine him practicing on stuffed animals and try not to giggle. He kisses his way to your lips and turns out to be a great kisser too. He relaxes and drops all the drama king act and you actually have a nice time until his phone rings. He turns on the act again and answers his phone, just dropping you like a hot potato. You just watch him talk and turn to leave. He catches your arm and mouths “Stay” so you do. A minute later you start to walk away again and he catches you and whispers”Please! just don’t go” you stand there for a little bit longer but then give up and walk away just as someone opens the door and says that your time is finished. You walk away disgusted but the next day get a dozen roses and diamond earrings delivered with a note that says “Can I have another chance?”. So… do you give him one?

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Threesome At The Movies

One summer evening while watching some television one of my on-line boy friends stopped in for a surprise visit to say hello. We invited John in for a drink and to watch some television with us. Before my husband could start into his channel surfing I snatch up the remote and hand it to John saying “Your our guest, you get to chose!”. John finds an old ‘B’ movie he likes and we all watch and joke while pointing out the flaws. During commercials John surfs the other channels (like all men) but this time he managed to bump the DVD player into action. I could not’t believe my eyes. My husband had been watching a movie he made of us having sex. There I was, naked, and slowly sucking his cock. I had shared some of my nude photos with John before so it was not like he had never seen me naked. Not knowing what to say I just stare at the movie in silence with my husband sitting in his favorite chair with a huge grin on his face. After a few minutes pass I can’t help but notice the bulge forming in John’s pants. I have fantasized about riding his large cock many times and now it was right next to me on the couch.

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3some is Company

Lori and I decide we need a road trip so we call Kyle and say we are coming in a few days to see him. We talk about it and plan to arrive a day early to surprise him. When we get there we park a little way away from the house and walk up so we can spy on him through the windows. We sneak around his house looking in all the windows. We find his bedroom window but he’s not around so we wait and watch for him to come check his email.

Kyle finally comes in fresh from the shower with only a towel slung low on his waist. His hair is damp and hanging in sexy strands. We both inhale quickly and hold our breath. Kyle sits on his bed and reaches in his night stand drawer pulls out some baby oil. He stands back up and lets his towel fall to the floor. Lori and I both try to inhale sharply but realize we haven’t exhaled yet from the first time. “Oh My!” I say, “I knew he said he was big but he’s HUGE”. “Uh huh!” Lori agrees.

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We Meet

You were in the area and we decided we wanted to meet. I invited you over. I’d been cleaning all morning because I wanted everything to be perfect when you arrived. I kind of lost track of the time and suddenly realized that you would be here any minute. I quickly scribble a note that reads “Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I went to slip into something sexy for you.” I tape it to the door and go to my bedroom to change.

I’m in a hurry so I forget to close the bedroom door. As soon as I open the closet I hear a noise and realize you are here, in the house, walking toward my room.I turn and realize that the door is partly open. I know that if you come to my door you would be able to see only part of the room but if you looked into the dresser mirror you would have a perfect view of the bed and me standing in front of it. I glance at the mirror and see your reflection there looking at me. I quickly turn my back to the mirror because i don’t want you to know I’ve seen you.

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Pleasure Me

I would want to start by you undressing me, I like to be undressed. Then you would kiss me all over, starting with my mouth and face and neck and moving down to my stomach but skipping my breasts. You would kiss my thighs and knees and all the way down to my toes, then slowly work your way back up until you got to my breasts. Then you would kiss them and suck them. You would remember to massage the other breast while you were sucking on the one. You would run your hands all over my body the whole time we were making love. We would lay down on the bed when you had so thoroughly aroused me that my knees were like jelly.

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