Pleasure Me

tumblr_ne8n90jpYv1ssv0rko2_1280I would want to start by you undressing me, I like to be undressed. Then you would kiss me all over, starting with my mouth and face and neck and moving down to my stomach but skipping my breasts. You would kiss my thighs and knees and all the way down to my toes, then slowly work your way back up until you got to my breasts. Then you would kiss them and suck them. You would remember to massage the other breast while you were sucking on the one. You would run your hands all over my body the whole time we were making love. We would lay down on the bed when you had so thoroughly aroused me that my knees were like jelly.

You would then put your hand between my legs and massage my clit. Then you put your fingers inside me gently moving them in and out. After a while you would put more fingers inside me and keep moving them in and out reaching deeper and deeper inside me. You would suck on my nipples and roll them between your fingers. While doing this I would be massaging your balls and licking and sucking your cock the whole time we were laying on the bed. I would especially like to moan and do things that really turned you on because then you would have the little drop of pre-cum on the tip of your penis that I could taste with the tip of my tongue.

I would reach down and massage my clit while your fingers were inside me. This would also turn you on even more to watch this. After one of us had had enough of the fore play I would pull you on top of me and put your long hard cock inside me. I would kiss you while you made love to me until you would pull out and cum all over my stomach and breasts. I would rub your hot cum all over my tummy and breasts and then lick my fingers clean.

Then I would ask you to lay down so i could be on top of you. I would sit up and bounce up and down on your wonderful cock so that my breasts would bounce for you to watch. I would do this until we both would cum together. If you still had energy I would want you to do it doggie style with me. It would be great if there was a mirror in front of me so that you could see my face as you made love to me. When you had no more to give me I would let you sleep for a few hours and then I would wake you up and get you all horny again so that we could finish out the night doing it all over again.