The Red Room

-Lex- You dig into the bag and pull out a 1. “Number one.” you say and “Yes I am!” announces a guy from across the room and it turns out to be Lex, the rich, preppy guy who is totally stuck on himself. Oh this should be fun, you think. He dramatically walks into the Red room completely ignoring you. You walk in after him and ask “Would you like to be alone with yourself? Because I can leave.” “Aww now don’t be like that baby!” Lex says. “Come here and give me some luvin.” You walk up to him to see what he’ll do and he drapes all over you and starts kissing your neck. He’s actually hitting all the right places and you are surprised. You imagine him practicing on stuffed animals and try not to giggle. He kisses his way to your lips and turns out to be a great kisser too. He relaxes and drops all the drama king act and you actually have a nice time until his phone rings. He turns on the act again and answers his phone, just dropping you like a hot potato. You just watch him talk and turn to leave. He catches your arm and mouths “Stay” so you do. A minute later you start to walk away again and he catches you and whispers”Please! just don’t go” you stand there for a little bit longer but then give up and walk away just as someone opens the door and says that your time is finished. You walk away disgusted but the next day get a dozen roses and diamond earrings delivered with a note that says “Can I have another chance?”. So… do you give him one?

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