My Morning Coffee

coffee-boobsI was in the grocery store early one morning aimlessly wandering the aisles. I was hungry but I couldn’t figure out what I was hungry for. I turned down the coffee aisle and there he stood, reading the back of some package. He had short blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes I’d ever seen. He glanced up for only a second, but it was long enough for our eyes to lock momentarily. He went back to his reading so I pushed my cart past him and mulled over a shelf of snack cakes at the end of the aisle.

That tingling feeling of being watched crawled up my spine but by the time I summoned the nerve to look back at him he was gone. It was just like me to be too hesitant and miss the good opportunities. With a quiet sigh of frustration in myself I moved on. Rounding another corner, the smell of cantaloupe enticed me, I walked over to the bin and picked up a nice juicy looking one.

“Nice melons.” said a male voice. I looked up, and into, blue eyes. I smiled and replied “Cheesy.” then laughed despite myself. He grinned and somehow started a conversation from that one cheesy line. “You’re married?” he asked as he noticed my wedding band. I said yes and asked if that scared him. “Nope” he said with a smile. After about twenty minutes, and a few curious stares from the produce lady, he asked if I wanted to grab some coffee, he knew of a quiet place near by. I said yes and since my cart was empty, I waited while he went through the check out.

The quiet place nearby turned out to be his place. He sat on the couch and I sat in a chair right next to him. We were so close that our leg space was the same and our legs kept getting mixed up with each other. The coffee had an interesting flavor, something I just couldn’t place. It was good though and flowed as smoothly as the conversation.

When he talked I listened, more to the sound of his voice than to what he said. He was intoxicating. His lips drew my attention and my body felt energized and somehow drawn to his. It felt like he was gravity and I was off balance. I wondered what was in that coffee! I realized we had both been inching closer to the edge of our seats. Due to the limited leg space our thighs were now all mixed up in each other. Swallowing, I pried my eyes from his lips only to be just as mesmerized by his eyes. I’m not sure when the conversation stopped, or how our faces came so close together but I knew he was about to kiss me.

He tasted of coffee, good coffee, and a shiver went through me. I put my cup down and crawled onto the couch, straddling his legs. There was no way I was going to hesitate and miss this opportunity! He leaned back against the pillows on the couch and grabbed me by the hips, grinding my cunt into his hard cock. I moaned and he took advantage of my parted lips and slipped his tongue into my mouth. There is nothing I love more than soft velvet tongues sliding together. He reached under my shirt to unclasp my bra and I stop him. I told him that I liked where this was going but if he wants to go any further I’ll need some cell phone pics for my hubby. “Oh?” he said, with a slight pause. “I don’t mind if he don’t mind” he says and continues to unclasp my bra. I tossed my shirt and bra over my head and on the floor, and they were quickly lost under the rest of our clothes.

He pushed me back on the couch so I was laying lengthwise and put my knees over his shoulders. Wasting no time, he sucked on a few fingers and then buried them in my pussy. I couldn’t help but gasp. His tongue went straight to my clit. Thank God, a guy who knew what he was doing! He fingered me and alternated between sucking my clit into his mouth and flicking his tongue on my pleasure button. I wanted his cock in my mouth but instead of telling him I just imagined sucking his hard dick. I imagined what it would feel like and what his cum would taste like. That thought combined with what he was doing had me over the edge in no time.

I sat up and he sat back, leaning against the couch arm with his legs apart. Crawling between his legs I licked my lips then wrapped them around his hard shaft. Feeling greedy I took more of him in with every downward stroke. Normally I would gag if I took too much but for some reason I wasn’t. My nose bumped his body and I realized I swallowed every inch of him I could. Seriously, what was in that coffee? I slid back and gulped more of him down again and again until he groaned and pushed me off of him. I gaze up from his cock to see that he has his cell phone in hand and he smiles. “Don’t want to disappoint your husband” he says. I agree and smile while holding his rock hard cock next to my face. I hear the click noise and then wrap my lips around the head of his shaft for another.

Since I was kneeling on the couch he gives me his phone and then turned me to face the back while standing behind me. I thought he was going to shove his wonderful cock into my anxious pussy but instead he slid the fingers of his left hand inside me again. Soon they were dripping from my wetness and he teased my ass with one of them. I pushed back into his hand and his finger slid right up my ass. I let out a soft gasp as the sensation of having both my ass and pussy filled overwhelms me. He starts stroking his cock faster and faster with his right hand while I push back harder and harder, rhythmically fucking his left. I came again and my muscles tightly closed in around his fingers. I heard him moan and then felt hot fresh cum shoot across my back. I quickly turn to suck him into my mouth, savoring what ever I could. “Mmmmm” I moan while suck on him.

He turns me back and finally shoves his cock into my dripping pussy. He holds onto my hips forcefully with his hands, thrusting hard and fast, then slow and smooth. We covered every inch of that couch and tried at least ten different positions. At last he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my shoulders pulling me down on him and pushing himself deep inside me. He came again with his eyes glistening and the sound he made was nothing short of primal. While facing him I lean in and plant a soft kiss on his lips. I lean back, pushing my breasts toward his face while arching my back and hold the phone out above us. We both look up at the phone and smile for one damn hot selfie.

We both finally collapse and lay on the couch side by side, talking. Looking at him all I wanted to do was kiss his neck and work my way down his chest. I was still hungry, but I found what I was looking for and it was him. Looking into his eyes I asked “What the hell was in that coffee?!” He just smiled and said “I’ll never tell.” I smile and tell him that he and the coffee were both good to the last drop.