The Red Room

red_room-Lex- You dig into the bag and pull out a 1. “Number one.” you say and “Yes I am!” announces a guy from across the room and it turns out to be Lex, the rich, preppy guy who is totally stuck on himself. Oh this should be fun, you think. He dramatically walks into the Red room completely ignoring you. You walk in after him and ask “Would you like to be alone with yourself? Because I can leave.” “Aww now don’t be like that baby!” Lex says. “Come here and give me some luvin.” You walk up to him to see what he’ll do and he drapes all over you and starts kissing your neck. He’s actually hitting all the right places and you are surprised. You imagine him practicing on stuffed animals and try not to giggle. He kisses his way to your lips and turns out to be a great kisser too. He relaxes and drops all the drama king act and you actually have a nice time until his phone rings. He turns on the act again and answers his phone, just dropping you like a hot potato. You just watch him talk and turn to leave. He catches your arm and mouths “Stay” so you do. A minute later you start to walk away again and he catches you and whispers”Please! just don’t go” you stand there for a little bit longer but then give up and walk away just as someone opens the door and says that your time is finished. You walk away disgusted but the next day get a dozen roses and diamond earrings delivered with a note that says “Can I have another chance?”. So… do you give him one?

-Jarod- The girl holding the bag reaches in and hands you a number. “2” you say and a really sexy stranger comes up behind you. He says ‘That’s me” in a deep soft voice that sends a shiver down your spine. You turn and look into the sexiest eyes you’ve ever seen. Jarod takes your hand and leads you into the Red Room. He pulls you to him and starts kissing you before the door is even shut. His tongue finds yours and his hands are inside your shirt in less than a minute. You feel like this is moving a little fast and you pull back and look him in the eyes. He stares into your eyes and tells you how beautiful you are and that he just had to meet you. He asked the girl with the bag to make sure you got his number. Stunned you just say “wow” and you start kissing him again. His hands find their way inside your shirt again and he starts trying to unhook your bra. After a minute you start giggling because he just can’t unhook it. He pulls back and says “What’s the deal with this thing!” You smile slyly and say “It has a safety device against guys who move too fast.” He laughs and says “Ok, I’ll slow down.” Someone opens the door and says “Times up!” As you walk out he says “Would asking for your number be moving too fast?” You give him your number and spend the rest of the night holding hands and cuddling. He calls you the next day and asks you out.

-Alex- You pull out a number and nibble your lip. Your friend looks over your shoulder and announces to the room that you have 3. Your friends brother says “Yo!” and you stop breathing for a second. You have had a crush on this guy forever but come on, he’s your friends brother! Your friend laughs and walks away saying “Lucky you…NOT.” You just shrug pretending it’s no big deal and walk into the Red Room. Alex follows you in and quietly closes the door.He takes a deep breath and says “OMG, my heart is beating so fast. I just have to know, do you like me too?” You look at him in shock and say “You like me?” He laughs nervously and says yea but well, you know, my sister would just give me crap about it so I never said anything.” You breathe a sigh of relief and he walks up to you and puts his hand on your cheek. You look into each others eyes and don’t even realize your lips are moving towards each other. When your lips finally touch you feel a tingly chill run through you. You keep kissing until someone opens the door and says “Times up!”. Alex reaches over and pushes he door shut again and whispers “Not yet it isn’t.” He kisses you again and then asks you if you’ll be his girl.

-Greg- You reach in and draw out number 4. You shout “4” and your brother looks at you and laughs. “Oh no way, ok, let me pick again!” you say. Your brother grabs you by the shoulders and says “No, it’s ok.” as he steers you towards the Red Room. He walks in behind you but leaves the door half open so everyone can see you are just talking. He tells you he has a huge crush on this girl but she came with someone and he needs your help. You two yell some fake make out sounds and laugh at all the people who look in with their eyebrows raised. You two devise aplan to distract the guy she came with so your brother can move in. You leave the room and spend the rest of night putting your plan into action. your brother gets the girl, which works out great for you because her cousin comes to stay with her for a month and he is totally hot, and totally into you!

-Ice- After reaching in and pulling out your number you yell “5” and Ice coolly walks across the room. Your heartbeats fast because he is one of those really mysterious guys who you’ve wondered about for years. He always seemed so untouchable, and now, you get to touch him! He walks past you and looks at you with a curious gleam. You drop your number on the floor and follow him into the room. You lean against the closed door and Ice walks up and puts his hand on the door next to your head and moves in really close. “So what do you think?” he asks. “About what?”you ask back. “About this.” he says and kisses your lips. He tastes of cherry cough drops and his lips are soft. He sucks your bottom lip between his and you part your lips so he can slide his tongue between them. Your tongues dance together and his hand wraps around your waist and pulls you close to him. He is wearing a leather jacket thatfeels cold so you reach up and unzip it. You wrap both arms around him inside his jacket and he is so warm that the ‘Ice’ nick name doesn’t seem so fitting anymore. He wraps both arms around you and kisses your neck. When the door opens and some one announces that time is up you feel as though you are waking from a dream. Ice zips his jacket andpushes your hair aside before walking out. After a few people stare at your neck you go look in the mirror to see he left you something to remember him by, a hickey!

A few days later you realize he gave you something else, a cold.. ugh