We Meet

tumblr_me6wf2Hlhg1qiqa2no1_500You were in the area and we decided we wanted to meet. I invited you over. I’d been cleaning all morning because I wanted everything to be perfect when you arrived. I kind of lost track of the time and suddenly realized that you would be here any minute. I quickly scribble a note that reads “Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I went to slip into something sexy for you.” I tape it to the door and go to my bedroom to change.

I’m in a hurry so I forget to close the bedroom door. As soon as I open the closet I hear a noise and realize you are here, in the house, walking toward my room.I turn and realize that the door is partly open. I know that if you come to my door you would be able to see only part of the room but if you looked into the dresser mirror you would have a perfect view of the bed and me standing in front of it. I glance at the mirror and see your reflection there looking at me. I quickly turn my back to the mirror because i don’t want you to know I’ve seen you.

I have such butterflies in my stomach that I have to tell myself to relax. I can’t resist the urge to give you a little show. I want you to watch me change my clothes. I slowly pull my shirt up over my head. Then I reach behind me and unhook my bra and slide it off my shoulders. At first I was going to let it fall to the floor but I change my mind. I turn to face the mirror and toss the bra on the dresser giving you full view of my naked breasts. I quickly glance up and you are still there watching me. I turn my back to the mirror again and reach behind me to unzip my skirt. I slowly slide it over my hips and I let it fall to the floor.

I hear you inhale sharply because I’m not wearing any panties. Just a garter belt, thigh high black silk stockings and my black heels. Your intake of breath sends shivers down my spine and I become even more aroused. I suddenly realize I’m squeezing my breasts and I want you to see me doing it. I turn to face the mirror and close my eyes as I massage my breasts and tease my nipples into little buds. I know you are watching every move and I become so excited that I just have to touch myself. I timidly begin to finger my clit. I can hear your breathing become faster and more ragged which gives me the courage to slip a finger in my hot wet pussy. I slowly slide my finger in and out until I am so wet that I feel a drip trickling down the inside of my thigh.

I sit on the edge of the bed and reach into my bedside drawer for my vibrator. I turn it on and place the tip in my mouth to moisten it. I then wonder what it would be like to taste you inside my mouth, to feel your soft smooth flesh sliding in and out of my mouth. I realize that I’m sucking on the vibrator as if it were you so I remove it from my mouth and begin to massage my clit with it. I want you so badly that I hear myself softly repeating your name…

I slide the vibrator inside me and slowly move it all the way in and all the way out. I keep doing this while I am playing with my nipples. I pull my knees up and place my high-heeled feet up on the bed. I begin to move the vibrator faster and faster. I want you so much that I am no longer saying our name softly, I am saying it as tho I were talking to you. You still do not come to me. I start to circle my clit with one hand while the other is working the vibrator. I don’t want to cum without you but I am so close that can’t stop.

I move closer to the side of the bed, letting my head hang over the edge. I look up at you to see that my little show has excited you also. Your massive cock is jutting out of your zipper and you are stroking it slowly. I look longingly into your eyes, removing my fingers from my clit to beckon you over to me. You position yourself in front of me while I continue pleasuring myself. You move the tip of your sweet cock across my lips in anticipation of me inviting it into my mouth. I can feel the moistness of pre-cum on the head of your cock. I slide my tongue out to taste it.

I know your close to exploding so I open my mouth and suck you deep into me. You let out a gasp of satisfaction as you start rubbing my breasts while looking down at your cock slowly pumping my mouth. I begin to moan as I near the edge of my orgasm. I move the vibrator faster and faster while pressing hard against my clit. You increase your speed, urgently sliding your cock in and out of my mouth. My moaning becomes louder as you roll my nipples between your fingers. I tense up, arching my back to raise my pussy hard against my hands and vibrator as the wave of my orgasm crosses my body. This puts you over the edge and I hear you say “Oh Baby!”. You start to pull out but I reach back behind you and pull you in close. You don’t resist. I feel your hot cum explode into my mouth and work on swallowing every drop before letting you go.