Break Down!

sex_on_car_hoodWe’d spent a fun day at the beach, walking around and talking. On the way home your car runs out of gas and we pull to the side of the road and get out. You say we’ll have to wait for someone to stop. We look around at the quiet solitude of the twighlight, the few early stars beginning to show and then look at each other. What color panties are you wearing?you ask my suggestively. I lean back against the car and very slowly raise the hem of my skirt, giving you an inch by inch view of whats underneath. First black stocking, then more black stocking, then still more stocking. You begin to wonder how high they could possibly go when you finally get a glimpse of the darker band that tops them. After that the soft creamy skin of the tops of my thighs, and finally, the dark triangle of my bush. “I never wear them when I’m with you. I say, I don’t like to be confined. You say Come here and I walk to you. You drop to one knee and slide your hands up the length of black stockings. I lift my skirt again revealing my already wet pussy. You reach your tongue out and taste the sweet wetness with strong licks. Your tongue darts and explores before devouring my hot wet desires. I cum explosively, feeling it in my entire body and my legs tremble and feel weak, I cling to you as you stand and look at the fire in my green eyes. I wrap my arms around your neck to hold myself up and say “come here” as I back towards the car. You walk with me, your eyes never leaving mine. Your hands are on my face, your forehead touching mine as I back into the hard steel of the car’s hood. You kiss me softly and passionately and I arch my back instinctively. You push me down onto the car hood and look into my eyes for a moment before your lips again seek mine. My legs curl up and wrap around your waist and rest on your hips comfortably. Your hands move down my sides and back up again exploring well known territories. Your lips wander from mine and seek my cheeks, my jaw line, my neck. Tingles go thru me and I moan sweetly “mmmm”. Your lips scorch their way to the top button of my shirt and you waste no time in un fastening it, and the next, and the next , revealing my naked breasts. Like I said, I don’t like to be confined when I’m with you. You place soft sucking kisses in the valley between my full soft breasts feeling a soft mound press on each of your cheeks. You turn your head and slowly climb your way to the hard puckered tip. You circle the tip with your tongue to moisten the skin and then blow lightly sending an irresistible shiver through my body. You then place your warm lips on my nipple sending an even more irresistible warmth to chase the shiver away. You pull back a little and slide one of your fingers across my clit. I arch towards you wanting your finger inside my sweet warm pussy. You indulge me with not one but two fingers. I forget everything but the feel of your fingers sliding inside me, gliding in and out, moving inside me, seeking that sweet spot that drives me wild. You know you’ve succeeded in finding it when I arch my back cat like and drop my head back, I can’t stop the sultry sounds of pleasure escaping my throat. Your tongue again seeks my taught nipple and you flick your tongue back and forth driving me closer and closer to the edge. You’re sensual torment continues until I’m so close to the edge I’m in danger of toppling over. I sit up and push you back a little ways. My fingers shakily undo the buckle of your belt and the snap of your jeans “I want you inside me” I say. I glide the zipper down and reach in your jeans to pull out your sexy rock hard cock. The mere sight makes my mouth water, but I want you inside me…badly…now. “Oh I love your cock so much.” I say, “It so big, and smooth, and I want to feel it inside me”. I stroke your sexy length a few times and then I place the tip of you to my wet pussy and slide you around my clit , I exhale sharply and am instantly ready to cum again. You watch as I play with your cock, using it like a toy to tease my clit . I can feel your breath getting faster and I know you are really excited. “Now baby” I say, “I need you”. I move the tip of your cock between my lips and down to the opening of my pussy. You lean your hips forward and slowly push all the way in. I lean back and lay on the car’s hood again and you pull back and push in once…just once…and I’m gone, lost in a sea of tranquil ecstasy. You feel my body pulse around your long shaft and you hold yourself back until every last delightful wave has passed and then you let go. You pull out and lay your cock along my clit and unload your sweet white stuff all over my stomach, but it doesn’t stop there, it shoots on my breasts, on my face, and over my head. “Oh My” I say, “Wow! where did all that come from?”. “It’s you baby”