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3some is Company

Lori and I decide we need a road trip so we call Kyle and say we are coming in a few days to see him. We talk about it and plan to arrive a day early to surprise him. When we get there we park a little way away from the house and walk up so we can spy on him through the windows. We sneak around his house looking in all the windows. We find his bedroom window but he’s not around so we wait and watch for him to come check his email.

Kyle finally comes in fresh from the shower with only a towel slung low on his waist. His hair is damp and hanging in sexy strands. We both inhale quickly and hold our breath. Kyle sits on his bed and reaches in his night stand drawer pulls out some baby oil. He stands back up and lets his towel fall to the floor. Lori and I both try to inhale sharply but realize we haven’t exhaled yet from the first time. “Oh My!” I say, “I knew he said he was big but he’s HUGE”. “Uh huh!” Lori agrees.

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Pleasure Me

I would want to start by you undressing me, I like to be undressed. Then you would kiss me all over, starting with my mouth and face and neck and moving down to my stomach but skipping my breasts. You would kiss my thighs and knees and all the way down to my toes, then slowly work your way back up until you got to my breasts. Then you would kiss them and suck them. You would remember to massage the other breast while you were sucking on the one. You would run your hands all over my body the whole time we were making love. We would lay down on the bed when you had so thoroughly aroused me that my knees were like jelly.

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